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Why Use a Fastener Specialist?


There is a lot more to fasteners than just simple nuts and bolts; the suitability of a fastener is highly dependent on its application.

The selection process must establish the strength required (material grade), corrosion factors (protective coatings), head type and thread form fit. That’s why it’s important to use a specialist such as Konnect. Our extensive industry experience enables our staff to provide support for all types of fasteners for a wide range of applications. Access to information and our ability to source many different materials and coatings means you can feel comfortable that you are getting comprehensive support made possible by our experience and long standing supply partnerships.

Although there are some jobs that can be viewed in a rather "do-it-yourself" manner, others require a great deal of professional attention. While a simple home project may be accommodated by standard products and a minimal amount of effort, other tasks can only be completed with the aid of an expert in this field.

Not only does Konnect boast decades of experience in the fastener industry, but our trained technicians are likely to be able to solve any unique problem in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be necessary. If we combine this trait with an ability to work together with our customers to determine the exact design and materials that are necessary, levels of safety and reliability are a certainty.

Also, let us not forget that time and labour equal money. By employing our knowledge base and our wide selection of fasteners, any job can be completed quickly and efficiently. This will help to take the financial pressure off of what may very well be a tight budget.

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